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Dixie was my first show dog.  Purchased with high hopes and dreams.  Eventually realizing that the ring was not as exciting for her as I had hoped.  She was patient with me as I learned the ropes and kept her cool as I fell apart ringside.  She had little fault in anything she did.  I don't even recall her ever chewing up a shoe.  Trustworthy, easy-going, with a true golden temperament.  Beautiful girl, Dixie, gave me many good years, and some lovely puppies who contine on her legacy.  She was taken from me too early, and thought about daily.  Rest in peace my sweet girl.  Until we meet again.

Golden Daisy Mae Bear   
  What can be said about a good dog?  The best dog.  Your heart dog.  Daisy was my everything.  She was my first dog.  Yes, we had had other dogs, even another golden in the family, but Daisy was to be mine.  Plucked out of an add in the paper for $200.00.  My mom wanted a golden, I just wanted a puppy.  Any kind would do.  So, from a backyard breeder, out in the country, covered in fleas, I had my baby.  At the time, I didn't care, I was 14.
Daisy was a constant friend and companion for me, even when there was no one else.  Through some hard teenage years and through college, she was there.  It was probably because of her that I truly fell in love with the breed.  She knew how to get what she wanted, which was usually just a pet on the head or a butt rub.  She was manipulative to a fault.   She introduced me to dog obedience and training.  We enjoyed walks together and watching T.V.  
      In her later years she became enrolled in the Therapy Dogs International program and we made frequent visits to local nursing homes.  Daisy touched many lives and is kept alive by the memories that she has shared.  But I believe I will miss her the most.  She was a good bear.


Mike's Cinnamon Princess
(6/23/83 - 2/16/93)
Princess and I in 1989



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