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About Us
Golden Retrievers have been a part of my family for as long as I can remember.  My first introduction to this wonderful breed was to a blonde little puppy named Princess.  Princess grew into a dark beauty who was a constant companion to me and my siblings.  Whether in the yard, the creek, or the woods, Princess was a constant in our young impressionable lives.  And what an impression she left in her wake!  My sister and my brother are also proud owners of Golden Retrievers, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
     I had decided way back then that I wanted to somehow be involved with dogs and of course, this breed.  I was not sure how that would be exactly, but the dreams of owning a kennel or breeding a litter of puppies was always on my mind.
And then it happened several years back, that I had decided I would like to enter the breed ring.  I had graduated from college, was living in a house, and I owned only one golden at the time.  It felt like the right time to add on to my family.  And so the search began for the "perfect" puppy that would be able to conform to the standards of the breed.  Along my way I met many different people.  Some tried to persuade me in other directions, reminding me all the while how expensive a hobby this can be, while others were supportive and lent me help and much needed knowledge.  I eventually found my sweet girl in Michigan and a short 6 months later was entering the conformation ring.
Dixie, became an invaluable and patient partner for me in the show ring.  We traveled to many shows together and met many fabulous new friends.  Dixie didn't quite enjoy the shows as much as I did, though she never complained about sleeping in an occasional hotel bed.
About our Breeding Program
Breeding is a newer venture for us.  It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and responsibility to do it properly.  Therefore, we will not breed often, but only when we are planning on keeping a puppy for showing or competition.
Health and tempermant are of the highest priority in my mind when considering a breeding.  Therefore, any dogs that are bred will have all necessary clearances as recommended by the GRCA and are cleared for breeding by our veterinarian.  Our dogs are raised around children and cats, and all have pure golden temperments. 




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